Weight Training

Exercise. It’s what the doctor ordered! Research has shown that the benefits of exercise are far-reaching and complex. Weight training exercises are part of that crowd. The purpose of these exercises is to increase muscle strength and definition. The benefits are improved bone density that comes with weight training and improved sense of well-being.

Weight training exercises will also help you look younger, stay fit and be healthy.

Your first stop should be to your primary care provider. They should be sure that your planned activity doesn’t interfere with your current or underlying medical conditions, medications and fits with your current physical condition.

Now you are ready to set goals for your program. Figure out how you are going to measure your progress. Achieving your goals will help to maintain your level of motivation. You can measure goals by the amount of weight you are lifting at each station; measurements of your arms, thighs, abs and buttocks; or weight loss. Do you want to be buff or lose weight?