Weight Management Tips For Older Adults

Loss Of Lean Muscle Mass

Have you ever watched a teenager inhale food like breaths of air and not gain an ounce? A lot of this is due to a higher metabolic rate in our younger years.

Did you know that as we age, our metabolism begins to slow down?

While genetics help determine our overall metabolic performance, having sufficient amounts of lean muscle mass greatly determines metabolism as well because muscle burns more calories per hour than fat, and this means that those who have lean and muscular bodies are able to burn more, even when they are at rest.

Our overall muscle mass decreases as we age, and this slows metabolism by about 2% to 8% per decade. This can be counteracted by performing simple strength training exercises with the use of free weights or weight machines.

Ideally strength training should take place early in life, but especially as we head into our 40s and 50s, because when you maintain lean muscle mass, metabolism is not likely to decrease as much as you age.

Seniors, especially, are more likely to gain weight as their metabolism slows down, which, can lead to obesity and the serious health concerns related to it.