Weight Management Tips For Older Adults

Obesity is a major epidemic in the Unites States and in other countries around the world.

In fact, 1/3 of US adults and 18% of kids and adolescents are obese and at risk for serious health complications, such as, Type 2 diabetes, joint problems, heart disease and can lead to premature death.

In addition to the serious health consequences, obesity has a substantial economic impact that affects the country as a whole. The estimated annual health care costs of obesity-related conditions was $190.2 billion in 2010, this equates to almost 21% of all annual medical spending in the United States, and the numbers only continue to rise year after year.

Like anyone else, the senior and aging population needs to address healthy weight management and to be aware how weight gain can cause problems for their health. But, seniors can be even more vulnerable because as we age our metabolism slows and weight gain becomes that much more of an issue.