The Incredible Health Benefits Of Buckwheat

Time and again nature reminds us just how good it is at creating nutritious and healthful food for humans to consume. Why so many of us reach for factory made junk is a mystery, when we have at our disposable nature’s perfect plant food gems, and buckwheat is a perfect example.

What is Buckwheat?

Agriculturists refer to it as a pseudo cereal. While the name leads one to believe the buckwheat plant yields a grain, the fruit of a grass plant with a hard exterior or hull, it does not. It is actually a type of shrub-like plant native to the temperate regions of East Asia. The buckwheat plant is bright green, having broad heart-shape leaves and white flowers, and its seeds are harvested for use.

The plant tends to be short and broad, easily forming a notable level of ground coverage. Its cultivation in China dates back to 1000 AD.

Currently, buckwheat is cultivated worldwide with most of it growing in China, Japan, and North America. Over 14 species of the plant exist with two of them being cultivated species and the remaining existing in the wild.