The Impact Of Belly Fat And How To Get Rid Of It

Let’s get right down to business. Belly fat is unsightly and has a major impact on self-esteem. Women who struggle with obesity and who are overweight often find that belly fat is a formidable enemy in the battle with weight loss.

As bad as that sounds, it’s actually not the BAD news. The bad news is it goes a little deeper than being upset because you can’t fit into last year’s swimsuit.

The Dangers of Belly Fat

Fat in the abdominal region is flat out dangerous. In medical circles, this area is known as the android region and the fat is called visceral. Unlike subcutaneous fat, which dwells just below the skin, visceral surrounds the organs, making you more susceptible to serious conditions like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer and stroke.

Life Expectancy

The exact life expectancy of a woman with belly fat is not set in stone, but it can definitely be shorter than the average. All of these factors should be more than enough motivation for you rid yourself of this adiposity for good.