10 Filling Snacks Great For Weight Loss

When we were kids, a midnight feast often meant raiding the snacks cupboard for cookies, ice cream, and candy bars. A little later in life, we’d watch the sports games with nachos, chips, and crackers, while munching away on non-organic, melted butter-coated popcorn as we watched a movie on Friday night. It was just the way life was – the way it’s always been. And why would we have it any other way?

As you get a little bit older, it’s natural to start to care more about your health and physical wellbeing. If you’ve got concerns about your weight, it might well be the snacks that are letting you down. However, what do you do when you get hungry at awkward times? The only real answer is to have a snack – or five.

The solution lies in the type of snack you eat. It’s perfectly okay to keep snacking, but there are good snacks and bad snacks. Let’s take a look at 10 filling snacks for smarter weight loss.

# 1 – Almonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, copper, and magnesium, which make them a very healthy food. What lets them down in the eyes of some people is their high calories and fat content. However, almonds contain good fats, and while they’re not exactly low in calories, just a handful once or twice a day is enough to get the nutrients and help you feel full for longer.